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"Jenni is super attentive, patient, creative and kind! Thanks to her knowledge and determination my website looks lovely and she did everything I asked in a timely manner. I definitely recommend her to other businesses and companies! Thanks so much!"

Ivana Kolakovic , Psychotherapist

"My experience with Jenni has been such a blessing. She listens and adjusts to the type of designs and ideas I want. She gives her feedback and honestly, she has helped elevate my experience. She’s made 3 designs for me and I plan on coming back for more."

Ariana Landicho 

"Jenni takes the time to get to know you and your brand/idea. It blows my mind how well she can recreate my thoughts/ideas into what I want and more. Not only is she an amazing creative; she also works with an open mind. It’s great to be able to bounce ideas and talk things through together. Our work is always positive and we evolve from our work together."

Kirstienne Lim, Std. Class Acupuncturist - MotherQIMedicine

"When I arrived on set I was welcomed by warm smiles. The music was great and the set, honestly, went beyond my expectations. It was beautiful. Jen was super professional and organized which made the day run smooth and on time. Would work with her again anyday, anytime!"

Ashley Couto, Head Stylist HAIRLOVE studio

"I would highly recommend Jenni. Her creative skills will exceed your expectations. working with her on the Hairlove project was a breeze base on her communications skills and professionalism. I look forward to working with her again in the near future." 

Henrietta Toby, Stylist HAIRLOVE studio

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